What You Should Know About Dealing With Debt Collection Agencies

Are Debt Collectors Harassing You?

When you made credit card purchases you had full intent of making the payments. However, with a loss or drop in income or an increase in your cost of living, that’s no longer possible. Every day people face unforeseen problems such as illness or job loss that leave them with not enough money to meet their payment obligations after their basic needs are met. The next thing you know, debt collectors are harassing you.

What You Should Know About Debt Collection Agencies

You may not be aware that debt collection agencies are actually third party agencies that purchase the unpaid debts of companies. Then their goal is to recover all/part of the debt that they have purchased. That’s how they make their money. They are determined to get you to pay and that means they are generally aggressive, bothersome, annoying, and even threatening. They will wreak havoc on your life! As a consumer you have specific rights related to debt collection and the debt collectors need to respect those rights.

Rather than accepting phone calls from debt collectors, you have the right to request all the correspondence is in writing. Tell your family to ignore these calls and explain the situation and why you are doing this. You should also become familiar with the ‘Fair Debt Collection Agency Act,’ which you can find online. The statute of limitation can provide you if the debt has expired.

What If You Can’t Make a Payment?

When you can’t make a payment, you may be tempted to just ignore it all, hoping that it will disappear. Of course, you know that’s not going to happen. Worse, if you ignore it, your credit report will be negatively impacted and that information is public record. This can have a negative effect on you. For example, you might not get a job because of it or be able to rent a place because it’s common practice to look at credit these days. Bottom line – there are much better ways to handle the situation.

Get Help

Sure, you can attempt to repair your credit yourself, but the expertise of a professional organization that specialize in credit repair can make the process easier and more effective, generally with a better outcome. A professional credit repair company can challenge and dispute damaging reports as well as have them removed so they don’t negatively affect your ability to enjoy the conveniences of life. You already have enough on your mind with daily activities so why not find a professional credit repair company you can trust and let them do the heavy lifting for you.

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