Is a Short Sale Better Than a Foreclosure?

A short sale is in which the proceeds from selling the property is less than the balance of the mortgage. Unpaid balances owed to creditors are called deficiencies. Once the application is approved by the lender, there are no deficiencies permitted after the process, unless specifically agreed to between the lender and the homeowner.

Foreclosure involves a lawsuit. This is the process where the lender seeks to take an owner’s property to satisfy a debt. If you received a letter from the lender notifying you that they are taking legal action, or you received a letter from an attorney to inform you they are filing for a sale in execution of your immovable property, you can consider a short sale.

The Impact of Foreclosures

Defaults and lawsuits will all show on your credit bureau report, and you can decide which process will be less harmful. A foreclosure usually remains on your credit report from seven to ten years, often with a devastating impact on your future finances.

Foreclosures usually have far-reaching consequences such as:

• Placing you at risk of a high deficiency judgment

• A very low credit score

• Potential challenges to current and future employment

• Potential challenges in obtaining a rental

• A loss of security clearance

• The inability to obtain home finance or vehicle finance in the future

Millions of homeowners chose the relief that short sales offered them. The impact of this choice is less harmful on a credit report. You can qualify for another mortgage in as little as 24 months.

Advantages of Short Sales

Short sales give homeowners an amazing opportunity to avoid foreclosure. This process offers relief to homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgage payments with the least amount of damage to their credit profile.

The Psychological Effects of a Foreclosure

Help has arrived. A short sale eliminates the psychological effect of foreclosure. Foreclosure is accompanied by anxiety and stress. These psychological symptoms can lead to depression. Clinical depression often requires medical treatment. A short sale can stop legal action against you, and you can soon be on the path to a more financially stable future.

If homes in the same neighborhood sold for less than your mortgage balance, you probably are a valid candidate. If your income recently declined, and you have limited savings, you may be a good candidate.

A Proper Budget

Paying by credit card works more or less on the same principle. With credit available to you, it is much easier to buy. It does not really make sense to buy bargains and then swipe a credit card with 18% interest charge.

Cash is more real, and you have to take it out of your wallet to pay for goods. It is easier to keep track of your spending when handling cash, but cannot prevent overspending. A credit card can be useful, but it is advisable to shred it if you cannot control it.

The best way of keeping track of your spending habits is to keep to a proper budget and to keep track of your income and expenses.

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